Your Dog Wants You To Get LASIK


Dogs. They’re fluffy. They’re cuddly. They’re adorable. But they’re most likely making your life nearly unbearable if you wear contacts or glasses. Here are just a few examples as to why.

Shedding. Nobody likes it, but most dogs do it. Getting their hair in your eyes is bad enough, but even worse with contacts. As a result, you may try to keep a healthy distance from your pet, reserving cuddle time for just before bed after the contacts have settled into their solution beds for the night. This is fine and all, except for the fact that you might not be able to tell if its a skunk or your dog snuggled up to you now that your only means of clear vision have been stowed away. Plus, your pet probably wouldn’t mind having spontaneous cuddles too.

Playtime is an essential part of a pet’s life. But, an essential part of your life is seeing, and you can’t do that without your glasses. Playtime with your dog means bending over, tug-of-war, running, jumping, and an abundance of other activities where you move a lot. Just try keeping your glasses on while doing all that without pushing them up every two seconds.

Dogs can be destructive. Need we explain why this is an issue? Your glasses could get stomped on, scratched, or covered in slobber before you could say “I want LASIK!” Also, we’re betting at one point or another a dog has found contacts to look pretty darn tasty sitting on your bedside table.

So, not only for yourself, but also for the sake of man’s best friend, we highly recommend you consider LASIK. Your eyes and favorite furry friend will thank you.


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